Trusscore Recycling Program

Full circle recycling for sustainable PVC building materials

Changing the Way We Build, Together 

At Trusscore, we’re changing how people construct buildings and the environmental footprint left behind when they do. With sustainability at the core of our corporate mission, our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our PVC-based products throughout their entire life cycle: 

  • During manufacturing, we minimize the raw material used to manufacture our products by operating a zero-waste facility, using recycled materials wherever possible, and regrinding excess material created during production.  
  • On the market, we offer a range of custom product sizes to reduce material waste during installation. 
  • And after you purchase Trusscore, we offer a full circle recycling program so off-cuts and excess material can be recycled up to six or seven times to make new PVC-based building materials. 

How to Recycle Trusscore Products

Whether you have material left over from a small garage renovation or from a large commercial project, there are three (3) ways to recycle Trusscore products: 


1) Drop It Off in a Return Polymers FULL-CIRCLE Recycling Program Bin

We’re proud to partner with Return Polymers Inc. to support our recycling program.* 

Through its FULL-CIRCLE Recycling program, Return Polymers delivers totes or bins to a central collection point, where contractors or do-it-yourselfers can drop off PVC off-cuts to be recycled. Return Polymers collects the bins and processes the leftover PVC material, which can then be recycled into new PVC-based building materials such as wall and ceiling board, decking, siding, and trim. 

Acceptable scrap includes Trusscore PVC off-cuts, PVC deck scrap, PVC trim scrap, PVC siding scrap, and rigid forms of PVC like pipes or siding. Bins cannot be used to collect regular garbage, as that contaminates the recyclable material. 

To inquire about getting set up with collection bins at your business or to find out about program availability in your region, fill out the form below. To learn more about the Return Polymers FULL-CIRCLE Recycling Program, visit their website

*Currently available in select US states. 

2) Recycle It Through a Municipal or Private Recycling Facility Near You 

Trusscore products can also be recycled through municipal facilities or private recycling facilities where PVC material is accepted. This varies across North America, so be sure to check with your municipal recycling facility to find out if they accept and recycle PVC. If municipal recycling is available near year you, Trusscore products can be returned to the facility adhering to their guidelines. 

3) Return It to a Trusscore Manufacturing Site  

Trusscore customers can also return off-cuts directly to one of our two manufacturing sites in Canada. We recommend cutting any off-cuts down into 12-to-24-inch lengths and packaging the pieces together for safe shipment. To be accepted for recycling, Trusscore products should also be free from contaminants, including:

  • Paint of any kind
  • Silicone 
  • Lodged items such as screws or other fasteners, including picture hooks and pin nails 
  • Dirt, mud, salt, chemicals, oils, solvents, coatings, or any other substance
  • Debris such as sawdust from wood or other materials 

Email to coordinate the return of your Trusscore off-cuts and for further shipping instructions