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Trusscore is on a mission to transform residential construction, and we're looking for an elite group of installers who want to come along for the ride. Join our growing network of quality-driven, knowledgeable, reliable and trusted installers across North America to help customers in your service area looking to have Trusscore products installed by a professional. 

Explore why Homeowners are Falling in Love with Trusscore:

It’s strong and durable

Trusscore is built to outlive the buildings it’s installed in – the panels are scratch, dent, and damage resistant and can withstand all the standard wear and tear a garage receives (and then some!).

It’s moisture and water resistant

Made from PVC, Trusscore panels offer long-lasting protection against moisture and water to keep garages mold- and mildew-free. It can even handle repeated pressure washing.

It’s easy to clean

The smooth, non-porous surface of Trusscore panels means they can be easily wiped down with soap and water so customers can keep their space looking and performing at its best.

It’s bright and clean

Thanks to its high light reflectivity, you can brighten your garage with the crisp, clean finish of Trusscore products to maximize natural light and minimize the need for light fixtures.


What's In It For You?

  • Grow your business with Trusscore
    • We’ll refer you to customers in your service area looking to have Trusscore products installed by a pro
  • Market yourself as a trusted installer of Trusscore products
  • Timely, priority installation support directly from Trusscore
  • Put more money in your pockets, here’s how: 
Get jobs done faster

With Trusscore, you can put away your tape, mud, sandpaper, primer and paint. Our lightweight panels come pre-finished and are installed four times faster than drywall, letting you finish jobs faster so you’re on to the next one.

Make the most of your team

Trusscore installs with screws and has a simple tongue-and-groove fastening system, making it easy for pros of any skill level to work with. It’s also 40% lighter than drywall, meaning installation is a one-person job. That helps to free up resources to work on more projects.

Extend your service offering

If your customer is renovating their garage to deal with problems caused by drywall, they likely aren't looking for more of the same. With Trusscore, you can offer a long-lasting alternative that meets all their wall, ceiling, and organizational needs.

What Makes a Great Trusted Installer? 

Here’s what an ideal Trusted Installer brings to the table:

  • Quality craftsmanship and installation results
  • Timely response when a Trusscore lead contacts you 
    • Ideally within 48 hours - Many installers have remarked that if their response takes longer than 24 hours, they are at risk of losing the job 
  • Fair quoting of Trusscore installations 
  • Clear communication with the customer about your expected timeline for starting and completing their project should they accept your quote 
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Honest, regular feedback about this program and your experience promoting and installing Trusscore products 
  • Shares completed Trusscore project installation before and after pictures 

How Does the Program Work? 

The process is simple! 

  1. Customers say they’re looking for a professional to install Trusscore product(s) for their upcoming project. 
  2. Trusscore ensures the customer falls within your agreed upon service area. 
  3. Your company and contact info are provided to the customer, and they are encouraged to contact you for a quote. 
  4. You are responsible for a timely response to the potential customer’s inquiry (2-3 days maximum). 
  5. You (hopefully) win their business and wow them with your installation of Trusscore products 

Enjoy opportunities like this one as a Trusted Installer

How to Become a Trusted Installer

If you are interested in becoming a Trusscore Trusted Installer and joining our growing community of elite professionals, here’s how: 

  1. Complete our online application form by clicking the “Apply Now” button below. 
  2. If you are fit for the program, you will hear from us with a “Welcome” email and we’ll connect you with a Trusscore dealer in your area. 
  3. Complete and submit photos of at least one (1) Trusscore installation before we start recommending your services to customers. 
  4. Once your first install is verified, we’ll begin recommending you to customers looking for a pro in your service area. 

Join installers across North America who are transforming the way they build for the better – with Trusscore. Apply to the Trusted Installer Program today. 

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Additional Program Benefits

  • Trusscore has partnered with Bryan Baeumler and his company Baeumler Approved – a resource that helps homeowners connect with quality contractors, trades, and home service providers across Canada.
  • Through the Trusscore Trusted Installer Program, you’re entitled to receive a 50% discount on membership to the Baeumler Approved program should you choose to apply. *
    • To receive the discount, apply to the Baeumler Approved Program. When you receive confirmation/communication from Baeumler Approved, mention you are a Trusscore Trusted Installer. The discount will then be applied. 

*Optional. Subject to acceptance/approval by Baeumler Approved. Your participation in the Trusscore Trusted Installer Program is not associated or impacted by your participation in the Baeumler Approved Program in any way.


Installation Help 

All you need to know when installing Trusscore products, all at your fingertips.

Whether you just need a refresher or are completing a first-time install, this page has everything you need to know when installing Trusscore products.

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Detailed installation videos, Pro Tips, and more 


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Full Installation Guides 

Step-by-step guides with tips and time-saving suggestions 


…And More 

From cleaning to painting to cold weather, there’s a guide for that 

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