Why Choose Trusscore?

PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels Built Durable To Last A Lifetime

Change the way you build for the better with our complete wall and ceiling solutions that combine sustainable building materials with the latest advancements in material science.

Strong & Durable

Industry leading strength and durability designed to withstand the toughest applications. Built to handle anything thrown at it, Trusscore products are made to outlive the buildings they’re installed in. 

Lightweight & Easy To Install

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard requires less labor than drywall and installs four times faster. It’s lightweight and easy to handle – with just one person needed for installation. 

Moisture & Water Resistant

Resistant to water and moisture, Trusscore wall and ceiling panels won’t degrade or deteriorate in wet or damp environments. Panels won’t absorb airborne moisture, unlike drywall or wood, ensuring stability in their strength and size. 

Indoor Environmental Quality

The antimicrobial, mold and mildew resistance, high light reflectivity, and VOC compliant properties of Trusscore products all contribute to the ability to create healthy and comfortable spaces for occupants.


The smooth surface of Trusscore products means they clean with a simple wipe. Trusscore panels can’t be harmed by detergent or chemical cleaners and panels can even handle repeated pressure washing.


Trusscore polymer panels are inert with a non-porous finish that make it tough for bacteria, mold, or viruses to take hold. Because of this, wall and ceiling panels meet the guidelines for use in food processing and commercial agricultural facilities.

Design Versatility & Aesthetics

Ideal for new construction or remodeling, Trusscore products are extremely versatile for use on walls or ceilings, horizontal or vertical installation and offer the ability to play with colors, shapes, and patterns creating endless design possibilities.

Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is core to the Trusscore mission. As part of our focus on continuous innovation, Trusscore leverages advancements in material science to improve the performance and environmental impact of our products.

Trusscore samples

See for Yourself

The best way to see and feel the quality of our materials is in person. Compare Trusscore samples to get a better sense of the color and style suited for your next project.

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