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Durability-By-Design: Sustainability and Longevity for Multi-Family Construction Projects

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Builders of modern multi-family housing projects know that durability equals longevity and cost savings over time. Trusscore products are tough and made to last, materials designed to lower costs by reducing maintenance and upkeep. 

Trusscore products are made with durability, toughness, and good looks in mind, materials that help keep large-scale, multi-family apartment units and housing projects looking great and functional, while lowering costs.

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Durable Building Materials for Multi-Residential Projects

The key to building durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance multi-family residential and rental housing projects is using construction materials that last.

The concept is called “durable by design,” and means baking longevity, cost savings, and curb appeal into a project by using construction methods and building materials that can withstand the test of time, weather, and repeated use.

Trusscore products are designed with precisely those requirements in mind.

All Trusscore building materials are made from tough, impact- and weather-resistant, PVC. Most of the Trusscore product line is manufactured with an internal “truss” design that provides unparalleled strength in a lightweight, easy-to-install package. Trusscore products are built to outlive the buildings they are installed in.

Trusscore products are also designed to look as good as they function, helping create evergreen dwellings that residents will be proud to call home and take care of.

Builders, developers, owners, and operators of multifamily housing and rental complexes – projects that include low- and high-rise apartment buildings and townhouses, affordable housing projects, and migrant worker housing, to name a few – know they must keep maintenance costs under control.

Doing so means containing the amount they spend on repairs and replacements while simultaneously maintaining or enhancing tenant comfort, convenience, and safety.

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is a drywall alternative that comes in a clean, bright white or grey finish that’s ideal for back-of-house and common area use cases: storage and utility rooms, hallways, garbage and recycling rooms, bicycle lockups, freight elevators, loading docks and move-in areas – areas that typically degrade over time from repeated use and high traffic.

Wall&CeilingBoard is impact resistant, reflects available light – reducing light fixtures needed and lowering energy costs – and is easy to maintain. It sheds water and unlike drywall or fiberglass reinforced plastic panels (FRP), won’t expand or degrade when it gets wet. It isn’t harmed by harsh chemicals or cleansers; walls and ceilings easily wipe clean with soap and water, reducing cleaning time and costs. Your building’s common areas will stay looking like new for years.

And Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard costs less to install than drywall or FRP while delivering superior performance and longevity.

Durable-by-design speaks directly to durable buildings – and building durability into a building. Trusscore products are your durable-by-design partner, certain to keep any project looking and functioning the way it was intended for years – sure to generate savings in the process.

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Products for Multi-Residential Spaces



Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard are interlocking, interior PVC wall and ceiling panels that are lightweight, low maintenance, and outperform products like drywall and FRP.

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Trusscore SlatWall is a high-strength, on-the-wall organization system that’s easy to install and seamlessly integrates with Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard.

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SlatWall Accessories

SlatWall Accessories

SlatWall accessories are the cornerstone of any organization project.

Our full range of SlatWall hardware, including: SlatWall Single Hooks, Double Hooks, Bike Hooks, Hose Hooks, and SlatWall Mesh Baskets and Wall Shelving, offers endless organizational possibilities for your residential, agricultural, or commercial storage project.

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