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Choose what products you'd like to use in your design.
Wall&CeilingBoard Color:
Wall&CeilingBoard Orientation:
SlatWall Coverage (% of Wall):
SlatWall Color:

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Complete your space with a finished ceiling.

Add bright white or a cool gray hue to to your ceiling to bring a unique design element to your space.
Ceiling Included:
Wall&CeilingBoard Color:

Choose the dimensions that best fit your project OR enter your own dimensions below.

6' X 10' X 8'

12' X 20' X 10'

20' X 20' X 10'

18' X 24' X 8'

20' X 30' X 10'

Or set your dimensions manually:
Must be a number between 5 and 500
Must be a number between 5 and 500
Must be a number between 5 and 20

When inputting your dimensions, the length should be the measurement across the ceiling joists. This is important when calculating your material estimate because Wall&CeilingBoard should be installed perpendicular to ceiling joists.

Is there a garage door in your space?

Standard Garage Door Sizes
Must be less than the defined on step 3 (or zero)
Must be less than the wall height defined on step 3 (or zero)
Must be a number between 0 and 3

Input the height and width of your garage door and include how many garage doors (of the same dimensions) you have in your space. We will exclude material in your estimate to account for your garage door openings.

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Budgetary Material Estimate*:

*Based on your project size, you may be eligible for a volume discount. Contact a Trusscore retailer for special pricing.

*ESTIMATE DISCLAIMER: Material list calculated from your Project Planner inputs. Actual product quantities required may differ.
Estimate based on average national pricing for reference. Not a guaranteed price; for estimation purposes only.

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