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Easy to clean, water-resistant dairy barn wall and ceiling panels

The Premier Wall and Ceiling Solution For Your Dairy

Dairy farmers know the problem areas in their barn because they’ve had to repair them several times. It’s time to choose a future-proof material that reduces the time and money spent on repairs that come with inferior products like FRP, glass board, concrete, plywood, and OSB. It’s time to choose Trusscore.

Trusscore wall, ceiling, and penning products are built to last for all your dairy farm’s needs. No other product combines this level of durability, ease of installation, speed of repair, and superior lifespan performance in demanding, wet, and harsh environments.

Trusscore products are a cost-effective solution used by some of the top dairy farms in North America.

"Trusscore is easy to clean. That’s very convenient for us. It makes cleaning quick and easier and less costly, thanks to the nature of the product itself."

Roddy Purser, Owner of White Rock Farms dairy, North Carolina, USA


Trusscore products are an ideal wall, ceiling, and containment material for facilities on a dairy farm that require a sanitary environment that’s durable and easy to keep clean. These facilities include:

  • Parlor and robot rooms
  • Milk and tank rooms
  • Holding pens, calf penning, and containment
  • Observation rooms, offices, supply rooms, break rooms, and kitchens
  • On-farm processing, creameries, and packaging facilities

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"Trusscore is easy to clean. That’s very convenient for us. It makes cleaning quick and easier and less costly, thanks to the nature of the product itself."

Roddy Purvis, Owner of White Rock Farms dairy, North Carolina, USA

  • Superior Durability

    Superior Durability and Material Longevity

    Future-proof your facility for generations to come. Trusscore products are built to last and backed by an extended lifetime warranty. Trusscore PVC panels have a high strength-to-weight ratio, are impact-resistant, and stand up to cleaning chemicals and repeated pressure washings — even from a fire hose.

  • Enhanced Biosecurity

    Enhanced Biosecurity

    Keeping your dairy disease-free is critical for productivity, profitability, and herd health. The smooth, non-porous finish of Trusscore panels is easily cleaned and disinfected and helps prevent bacteria, mold, and virus growth. Trusscore products are FDA, USDA CFIA, and cGMP compliant.

  • Water Resistant

    Water Resistant

    Moisture in the air or water on the surface easily eats away at other materials like FRP, concrete, plywood, and OSB. With Trusscore, you can wash everything down, worry-free! The panels are inert and impervious to water, meaning they will never support mold or mildew growth.

  • Quick and Easy to Install

    Quick and Easy to Install

    The interlocking tongue & groove design of Trusscore wall and ceiling panels means it installs quicker than alternatives, saving you time and money. Plus, your dairy operations don’t stop for anything, so why should you? Damaged panels are a rarity but can be quickly replaced — meaning little-to-no downtime for your operations.

Parlor and Robot Rooms

Designed to keep your facilities clean with minimal maintenance
Trusscore dairy facility applications
Trusscore dairy facility applications

Whether you have a herringbone, tandem, robotic milking, or rotary parlor layout, there’s one clear choice for the surrounding ceiling and walls. Protect your investment by choosing durable, water-resistant Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard panels for all load-bearing walls and ceilings. They’re low-maintenance and can handle repeated pressure washing while withstanding harsh gases and moisture in the air.

Panels are lightweight, easy to install, and a damaged panel can be swapped out in a matter of minutes – meaning zero downtime for your operations. Plus, when it comes time for inspection, you’ll be confident your space is sanitary because of the easy-to-clean, hygienic, and antibacterial properties of Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard.

Even the surfaces of your robot room are frequently washed down, so let your walls and ceiling help you in that effort by installing Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard — PVC panels that interlock tightly, are resistant to chemicals and moisture, and are FDA, USDA, and CFIA compliant.

Milk and Tank Rooms

Since milk must be protected from contamination during transfer and storage, bulk tanks and transfer equipment must be cleaned frequently. If Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard isn’t covering your milk/tank room ceiling and walls, how can you be sure that the environment meets sanitary requirements? With alternatives like glass board, steel, or FRP, your space is at risk from contamination.

Protect your yield and your investment by making it easy to keep the room clean and sanitary. Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard allows you to keep your milk and tank room clean, disease- and mold-free, and will consistently stand up to repeated cleanings and chemical use.

Trusscore dairy facility applications
Trusscore dairy facility applications

Holding Pens

Trusscore dairy facility applications

Even when minimizing the amount of time your herd spends in their holding pen, sanitary conditions can deteriorate quickly. Lining your holding pen walls with water-resistant Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard lets you wash everything down quickly without fear of lingering mold or bacteria.

Calf Penning

Trusscore dairy facility applications

NorLock by Trusscore are freestanding interlocking divider planks that are strong and durable, while also being smooth and easy to keep clean — the perfect calf penning solution.

Containment, Handling, Loadout Areas, and Chutes

Trusscore dairy facility applications

NorLock by Trusscore provides the strength and durability required to contain and corral a herd when used as cladding and combined with a stable, secure structure such as metal or concrete. NorLock panels are resilient, rigid, and feature a smooth, water-resistant surface that makes maintenance a breeze and is safe for contact with your cattle.

More Applications

Trust Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard, Trusscore SlatWall, and NorLock by Trusscore for other key spaces in your dairy facilities.

  • On-farm processing and creameries
  • Packaging facilities
  • Observation rooms and agri-tourism
  • Offices
  • Supply rooms
  • Break rooms and kitchens
Trusscore dairy facility applications

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