Pork Facilities

Discover the strength & durability of PVC hog barn wall panels


Trusscore products are an ideal wall, ceiling, and animal containment material for hog confinement areas and pork production facilities, including: 

  • Boar studs and artificial insemination labs
  • Breeding, gestation, and farrowing sow units
  • Nurseries
  • Growing and finishing barns

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In today’s competitive pork production business with strict biosecurity measures, maintaining clean and hygienic facilities that are high-strength and long lasting are critical for better productivity and profitability.

Trusscore wall, ceiling, and swine containment products are built to last for all your facility needs. No other product combines strength, ease of installation, and superior lifespan performance in demanding, wet, and harsh environments.

Because of this, Trusscore products are a cost-effective solution used by some of the top pork producers throughout the United States and Canada.


Trusscore products are an ideal wall and ceiling material for agricultural confinement areas and buildings, including:

  • Broiler facilities
  • Layer facilities
  • Replacement pullet facilities
  • Breeder facilities

Download Application Sheet PDF

  • Superior Durability

    Superior Durability

    Harsh gases and moisture in the air eats away at other materials like metal, FRP, plywood, and OSB.

    Trusscore PVC panels have a high strength-to weight ratio, are water resistant, and stand up to repeated pressure washings and chemicals required for cleaning.

  • Enhanced Biosecurity

    Enhanced Biosecurity

    Keeping your hog facilities disease-free is critical for better productivity and profitability. The smooth, non-porous finish of Trusscore panels is easily cleaned and disinfected, and helps prevent bacteria, mold, and virus growth.

  • Reproductive Efficiency

    Production Efficiency

    Trusscore bright panels with high light reflectivity help drive efficiency in hog and pork facilities. The panels reduce lighting requirements and electricity consumed by maximizing all natural and fixture lighting.

  • Material Longevity

    Material Longevity

    Future proof your facility for generations to come. Trusscore products are built to last and we back that up with an extended lifetime warranty. You don’t have to worry about future costs to repair and replace materials that won’t stand the test of time. 

Boar Studs & Artificial Insemination Labs

Boar Studs

Use lightweight, non-porous Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard for all load bearing walls and ceilings. It’s easy to clean, can handle repeated pressure washing and withstand harsh gases in the air.

Uniquely designed for superior strength, low-maintenance, and abuse resistance, NorLock by Trusscore is an ideal animal containment fencing solution.

Artificial Insemination (AI) Labs

Water-resistant Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard will help you keep your AI labs clean and up to biosecurity standards — critical for the daily care and management of sires that can have a large influence on quality and output.

Sow Units: Breeding, Gestation, and Farrowing

Maximize the efficiency and productivity of your sow units with Trusscore PVC wall and ceiling panels and free-standing divider planks.

Trusscore Hog & Pork Application Gallery

Products for Poultry Facilities



Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is an interlocking, interior PVC wall and ceiling panel that is lightweight, low maintenance, and outperforms alternative products like drywall and FRP.

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NorLock by Trusscore are durable freestanding, interlocking divider planks for interior walls, non-load bearing partitions, and penning.

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RibCore by Trusscore are high-strength PVC corrugated panels that are durable, cost effective, and easy to install and maintain.

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Trusscore SlatWall is a high-strength, on-the-wall organization system that’s easy to install and seamlessly integrates with Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard.

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