Cutting Panels 

As a simple method of eliminating cracking or chipping Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard and SlatWall, installing your saw blade in the reverse direction is recommended. Coarse-toothed blades should be avoided for best results. Alternatively, concrete/ masonry blades can be used. For all blades, apply smooth even pressure to the product when completing the cut.  

Here are some examples of widely available blades we recommend. 

Description  Product Number 
Dewalt 12" - 80T Precision Trim Saw Blade  DW3232PT 
AvantiPro 12" - 80T Fine Finish Saw Blade  P128080PP 
Dewalt 6 1/2" - 90T Construction Saw Blade  DW9153 
Makita 7 1/2" - 40T Carbide Tipped Saw Blade  A-90629 
Makita 6 1/2" - 44T Carbide Tipped Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade  A-98360 
Diablo 7 1/4" - 60T Carbide Tipped Ultra Finish Saw Blade  D0760 


In cold weather, move the saw through the material slowly to prevent chipping or cracking. Performing a test cut will allow you to confirm the performance of your cutting tool without impacting your project. 



If holes are required for things like electrical boxes, lights, taps, etc., it is recommended to use a jigsaw, oscillating saw or hole saw to cut out the shape. Here are some widely available options we recommend  

Description  Product Number 
Bosch Basic for Metal-Thin Jig Saw Blade with 17-24 TPI  T118A 
Diablo Bi-metal General Purpose Jig Saw Blade with 5/10 TPI  DJT345XF 
Dewalt HCS Clean Cut (Wood) Jig Saw Blade with 10 TPI  DW3760H 
Milwaukee 3” Diameter Hole Dozer Hole Saw Blade with Arbor  49-56-9670 
Milwaukee Universal Fit Oscillating saw Blade  48-90-1231 


Square cut-outs should be made following the steps below.  

1. Measure the location of the opening on the wall.  

2. Mark the perimeter of your opening on the panel.  

3. Drill a 1/2” hole in the corner of the required opening.  

Insert the blade into the hole and proceed to cut out along your marked lines. If performing this cut after the panel has been installed, ensure the space behind the area to be cut is free of obstructions, electrical wires, plumbing or any other object.