Create a Backyard Escape with These 8 She Shed Interior Design Ideas

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

The “she shed” is womankind’s answer to the “man cave”. Here are eight inspiring interior design ideas for she sheds — designs that are enhanced by using Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard and Trusscore SlatWall for the space’s interior walls and ceilings. 

Everyone understands the term “man cave.” It has long been part of pop culture and conversational use, referring to a place where males can indulge preferred interests amid a preferred aesthetic free from family intrusion. A space of his own. 

It was only logical (and fair, frankly), that a female equivalent would emerge. 

And so, we have the “she shed”. A place for womankind to find refuge from spouse, kids, and perhaps work and responsibilities, and in an environment that appeals to their own design sensibilities. The term “she shed” is thought to have debuted with the 2016 premiere of the U.S. reality TV series He Shed, She Shed. But the notion, or the idea, of a space dedicated for a woman’s individual creative pursuit has existed at least as far back as Virginia Woolf’s famous 1929 essay, A room of one’s own

Regardless of origin, today the she shed is firmly entrenched in the public mind and the construction trades as a concept, with creative designs tailored to specific pursuits and individual tastes – reading, writing, gardening, exercise, or self-care. In short, a quiet place, separate from a main dwelling, for contemplation, relaxation and, for some, work. 

Interior designs range from simple and minimalistic to chic and sophisticated. 

What to Consider When Selecting She Shed Interior Walls

The look, feel and function of a she shed will be driven in large part by the decision about the wall and ceiling product selected, whether wood, drywall or other material. 

Two Trusscore products – Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard and Trusscore SlatWall – pair together seamlessly to create a space-saving she shed interior solution that’s ideal for many use-cases.

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is a PVC-based drywall replacement that’s lightweight, incredibly strong, and installs four four times faster than drywall. Panels also pair seamlessly with Trusscore SlatWall, a product that creates a wall-based storage solution – hooks, baskets and shelves easily snap into place on your wall – that allows you to derive added utility and functionality from a small space like that of a she shed. 

Unlike drywall, Wall&CeilingBoard and SlatWall are water resistant, and they clean up with the simple wipe of a cloth. Plus, they’re available in a bright white or soft grey finish that delivers a clean, contemporary, look – one that’s perfect as the foundation for many DIY she shed design ideas.  

All that’s left to do is decide on furnishings and accessories. Let’s take a look at some trending she shed designs as we head into the new year, a time when many start to plan their spring renovations. 

8 Trending She Shed Interior Designs for 2022 

  • Yoga Retreat 

    Yoga is about exercise, but it’s also about improving your breathing and quieting your mind. What better place to embark on a regular yoga regime than in your own backyard yoga studio? With soft colors and minimal furnishings, you’ll have a dedicated space that’s separate from the busy everyday bustle of your main dwelling, and one that says: “This is my quiet place.” 

    And beginner yogis need not worry about an out-of-control soaring foot hitting the wall when switching poses — your Trusscore walls are strong, durable and can handle the abuse. 


  • Garden Shed 

    A garden shed is a storage location for tools, and for some, it’s also a workshop. For others, a garden shed is also a refuge from day-to-day responsibility and an opportunity to connect with the earth and quiet the mind. Design-wise, you’ll want to make use of Trusscore SlatWall for the storage of garden tools and gardening implements. 

    You can rest easy knowing that next time a misplaced elbow knocks over a flowerpot, your Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard panels will clean with a simple wipe. Naturally, a garden shed oasis will come with plenty of plant watering, but thanks to Trusscore, mold and mildew won't be a concern. 


  • Craft Room 

    Creativity lives within every great crafter, and tools and materials need to be close at hand and organized for easy access when creativity strikes. A she shed for crafting will get you into the right head space, keep your materials within easy access, and provide a quiet place to concentrate on the work at hand.

    Let Trusscore SlatWall maximize your available space by providing craft wall storage


  • Guest Bunkie

    Sleeping quarters for guests that are removed from a main house delivers comfort, autonomy and privacy. A pull-out bed, a lamp and table, and perhaps a large-screen TV, and you’ll have what amounts to a hotel room in your backyard – one that might even present a money-earning rental opportunity.  

    Did someone say Airbnb? 


        • Home Office

          It’s no secret that people are (and have been) working from home at astonishing rates due to pandemic restrictions. But for many people, their home is too small or too chaotic for it to function effectively as a workplace. A backyard office is just the answer.  

          A she shed office space is removed from the distraction of kids and pets and provides a dedicated place to concentrate on the 9-5. 

          Home Office

              • Wine Shack

                A wine collection allows you to have just the right vintage on hand for special occasions. But having enough space for storage of bottles can be an issue, as can keeping the room at the correct temperature and humidity. The solution? A wine shack that’s separate from your main dwelling. It allows you to control the temperature and it can double as a wine tasting and entertaining venue. 

                This theme lends itself well to the use of Trusscore SlatWall for all your wine accessories, décor, and even bottles. Plus, an over-shaken bottle of bubbly is no match for your ability to spray down your Trusscore walls and ceiling knowing that it’s completely water resistant and easy to clean

                Wine Shack

                    • Photo Studio

                      Lights. Camera. Action. Renting space for a photo studio can be expensive but having one in your home can be disruptive to home life – and that’s assuming you have enough space for one to begin with. Setting up a photo studio in a separate backyard she shed solves this problem for the creative photographer seeking a place to do their best work.  

                      It gives you the space you need for lights and equipment, delivers a professional look that clients will appreciate, and avoids intruding on your residential living space. Plus, the bright white and soft gray color palette of Trusscore products lend a vibrant, neutral backdrop so you can do your best work.  

                      Car & Truck Washes

                          • Movie Theatre

                            What could be more convenient than a night at the movies in your back yard? A comfy couch, a big screen, and cue the popcorn. 

                            Want your popcorn within arm’s reach on the wall? Snap a shelf or basket into the Trusscore SlatWall beside you and press ‘play’. Knock over your soft drink and splatter it on the wall? No problem – your Trusscore walls are unbothered. 

                            Car & Truck Washes

The Right Materials for the Right She Shed 

There are as many ideas for she sheds as there are interests. And there is a multitude of ways to execute on the idea, with furnishings, accessories and décor that can be tailored to your taste and pursuit. The limit is your imagination. 

And when it comes to the interior walls and ceiling of your she shed, consider using Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard and Trusscore SlatWall – products that deliver utility, beauty and performance, and lend themselves to enhancing whatever design you ultimately choose for your backyard she shed oasis. 

She Shed Essentials



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