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Why Choose Trusscore for Your Hospital? 

Hospitals may need to quickly create patient treatment rooms for various reasons, such as during surges in patient volumes (e.g., during flu seasons or pandemics), natural disasters, mass casualty incidents, or renovations. In these situations, hospitals need flexible solutions to accommodate patients promptly while maintaining safety and hygiene standards.

With Trusscore, hospitals can effectively and efficiently create temporary treatment rooms to accommodate patients during emergencies or times of increased demand.

In fact, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre used interlocking NorLock by Trusscore panels and an assortment of NorLock trims — including U-Channel, two-piece U-Channel kits, H-Dividers, and 90° Corner Channel — to convert one large operating room into multiple private patient treatment rooms. Sunnybrook chose Trusscore because our panels are:

Strong & Durable

Antimicrobial & Hygienic

NorLock has a non-porous and antimicrobial surface that’s designed to prevent, contain, and destroy bacteria, fungi, and viruses (per third party testing ISO 846:2019) to keep your hospital walls infection- and disease-free. Panels are also low VOC compliant per the California Department of Public Health Standard Method v1.2 testing standard.

Easy to Clean

Strong & Durable

In a hospital, cleanliness is critical and Trusscore products are up to the task: Trusscore products can withstand frequent use of soaps, cleaning agents, disinfectants, and sanitizers. No matter how often your hospital policy requires you to wipe down a room’s walls, you can meet the requirements — and more — with Trusscore.

Moisture & Water Resistant

Easy to Install

NorLock panels are pre-finished and have an interlocking system allowing you to build walls of any size in no time. And if your needs change, you can reconfigure your space using the existing material. Plus, Trusscore doesn’t require glue to install like FRP or create any dust like drywall, keeping your facility free of unnecessary contaminants.

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NorLock by Trusscore are durable freestanding, interlocking divider planks for interior walls, non-load bearing partitions, and penning.

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