Top 20 Construction Influencers to Follow in 2024

Thursday, February 01, 2024

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In 2024, the world of construction influencers has evolved, offering a treasure trove of inspiration, expertise, and community engagement.

In this blog post, we unveil the top 20 construction influencers to follow this year, each bringing a unique perspective to the realm of construction, home improvement, and DIY projects. 

Why Follow Construction Influencers? 

Following construction influencers on social media can provide several benefits for a home renovation DIYers and contractors alike: 

  • Inspiration and Ideas: Construction influencers often share their completed projects, innovative designs, and creative solutions. Following them can inspire new ideas for your own projects, whether it's a home renovation or a construction task. 
  • Tips and Tricks: Influencers in the construction industry often share valuable tips and tricks that can help you improve your skills and efficiency. They may provide insights into new tools, techniques, or materials that you might not be aware of. 
  • Product Reviews: Many influencers review construction tools and materials, offering insights into their performance, durability, and value for money. This can help you make informed decisions when purchasing supplies for your projects. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Following influencers allows you to connect with a community of like-minded individuals. You can engage in discussions, ask for advice, and share your own experiences. Networking in the construction community can open up new opportunities and collaborations. 
  • Stay Informed: Construction influencers often stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies, and industry news. By following them, you can stay informed about changes in regulations, new building codes, and emerging construction methods. 
  • Professional Development: If you work in construction, following influencers can contribute to your professional development. You may come across industry experts who offer insights into advanced techniques, project management, or business strategies. 
  • Motivation: Undertaking construction projects, whether professionally or as a DIYer, can be challenging. Following influencers who share their journey, including successes and setbacks, can be motivating. It reminds you that everyone faces challenges, and learning from those experiences is part of the process. 
  • Community Support: The construction community on social media can be supportive and provide a sense of camaraderie. Whether you're celebrating a successful project or seeking advice during a challenging one, you can find encouragement and assistance from fellow DIYers and professionals. 

20 Construction Influencers to Follow Today 

Ready to start adding new influencers to your social media feeds? We recommend starting with 20 of our favorite influencers today – ranked by follower count. 

1. Home RenoVision DIY  

Location: Canada  

Social Channels: 4,500,000+ on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook 

Specialty: DIY Home Renovation and Improvement  

Why Follow: Jeff from Home RenoVision DIY specializes in DIY home renovation and improvement. Followers can gain practical tips and step-by-step guidance for tackling various home improvement projects. 

2. Murray Kruger / Kruger Construction  

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada  

Social Channels: 4,375,000+ across Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube   

Specialty: General Construction and Tool Reviews 

Why Follow: Murray Kruger brings a down-to-earth and informative approach to general construction. While he covers a range of projects, his series on cost-effective renovation ideas has resonated with viewers. His content often focuses on practical solutions for common construction challenges, making it valuable for DIYers looking to optimize their projects. 

3. Modern Builds  

Location: USA  

Social Channels: 3,000,000+ on YouTube and Facebook  

Specialty: DIY Projects 

Why Follow: Modern Builds offers innovative and modern DIY project ideas. Followers can discover unique and contemporary approaches to home improvement and crafting. 

4. Kyle Stympenhorst / RR Buildings  

Location: Illinois, USA  

Social Channels: 2,500,000 across  YouTube, Instagram, Facebook  

Specialty: Post Frame Construction  

Why Follow: RR Buildings is the go-to influencer for post-frame construction. As custom builders specializing in residential, agricultural, and commercial projects, their content offers invaluable insights, practical tips, and creative solutions for anyone interested in mastering the intricacies of this specialized construction method. 

5. April Wilkerson 

Location: USA 

Social Channels: 1,900,000+ on YouTube and Instagram  

Specialty: Woodworking and DIY Projects 

Why Follow: April focuses on woodworking and DIY projects. Followers can learn woodworking skills and gain inspiration for tackling their own projects with her detailed and approachable tutorials. Her "Woodworking for Mere Mortals" series simplifies complex woodworking projects. 

6. Perkins Builder Brothers 

Location: United States  

Social Channels: 1,875,000 on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook  

Specialty: Home Building and Renovations  

Why Follow: The Perkins Builder Brothers' channel provides a behind-the-scenes look at home building and renovation projects. Their "Builder Brothers" series features transformations of various spaces. A video on converting an old barn into a modern living space went viral, showcasing their ability to preserve historical elements while incorporating modern design. 

7. Matt Risinger 

Location: Austin, Texas, USA  

Social Channels: 1,475,000+ across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok  

Specialty: High-Performance Building and Construction  

Why Follow: Matt Risinger's video content is a goldmine for those interested in sustainable and energy-efficient home building. His videos often showcase cutting-edge technologies and construction methods. One of his most popular series is the "Build Show," where he provides in-depth insights into various aspects of construction, from insulation techniques to roofing innovations. 


8. Drywall Shorty  

Location: Montana, USA  

Social Channels: 1,400,000+ across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok  

Specialty: Drywall  

Why Follow: Lydia, known as Drywall Shorty, provides valuable tips and tricks for working with drywall. Her engaging personality and informative content make her a standout figure, as she’s also a host with Matt Risinger on the Build Show Network. Lydia's videos on drywall tips and tricks are an excellent resource for anyone involved in construction or DIY drywall projects.  

Follow @DrywallShorty on your favorite social platform to see her workshop reveal, finished with Trusscore SlatWall 

9. Drew Builds Stuff  

Location: Canada 

Social Channels: 1,235,000 on YouTube and Instagram 

Specialty: DIY and Woodworking Projects 

Why Follow: If you're a fan of long-form video content that doesn't shy away from technical intricacies, Drew Builds Stuff is a must-follow. His videos are a journey into the heart of craftsmanship, emphasizing the artistry behind woodworking. Drew doesn't just build – he educates, breaking down complex processes and explaining the "why" behind each decision. Whether you're an aspiring woodworker or a seasoned pro, Drew's channel offers a blend of inspiration and education, making it a valuable resource for those who appreciate the art of detailed craftsmanship. 

10. House Improvements  

Location: Canada  

Social Channels: 920,000+ on YouTube and Facebook 

Specialty: Home Improvement, Renovation, and Construction  

Why Follow: House Improvements provides comprehensive guidance on various home improvement and renovation projects. The "How to Renovate" series breaks down the renovation process step by step. Followers can access detailed tutorials and tips for tackling common household projects. 

11. Nils Rasmussen / LRN2DIY 

Location: USA  

Social Channels: 750,000+ on YouTube and Instagram  

Specialty: DIY and Construction  

Why Follow: Nils, known as @LRN2DIY, shares a variety of DIY and construction projects. Followers can get inspired by his creative and practical approach to various DIY endeavors. Stay tuned for his upcoming garage transformation! 

Subscribe to @LRN2DIY on YouTube to be the first to see the reveal of his own dream garage

12. Bryan Baeumler  

Location: Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA  

Social Channels: 700,000+ across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  

Specialty: Renovation and Construction  

Why Follow: Bryan is a renowned expert in home renovation and construction, often featured on HGTV shows. His popularity extends beyond social media, thanks to his appearances on various TV shows. His past series "Leave It to Bryan" and "Bryan Inc." showcase his expertise in home renovation, while his newer shows, “Island of Bryan / Renovation Island” and upcoming “Bryan’s All In” feature construction tips and tricks. Following Bryan provides a behind-the-scenes look at high-stakes renovation projects and offers valuable insights into the industry and the world of home improvement.  


13. Matt Panella / MattBangsWood  

Location: California, USA  

Social Channels: 700,000+ on Instagram and YouTube  

Specialty: Woodworking and Construction  

Why Follow: Matt's content revolves around woodworking and construction. Followers can discover unique woodworking projects and learn about various woodworking techniques from his detailed tutorials. His "Project Showcase" series features step-by-step guides to creating stunning woodwork. Matt's video on building a custom walnut desk went viral, showcasing his craftsmanship and attention to detail. If you’re looking to improve your woodworking skills, you should tune into Matt’s content.  

14. The Excellent Laborer  

Location: United States 

Social Channels: 675,000+ on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook 

Specialty: General Construction  

Why Follow: The Excellent Laborer's channel is dedicated to general construction and labor-related projects. His "Construction Chronicles" series offers insights into the challenges and triumphs of construction work. Followers can gain insights into construction techniques and learn about the physical aspects of labor-intensive projects. 

15. DIY Pete  

Location: Montana, USA  

Social Channels: 625,000+ on YouTube and Instagram and Facebook 

Specialty: DIY Projects, Woodworking, and Home Improvement 

Why Follow: DIY Pete covers a broad range of DIY projects, woodworking, and home improvement. Followers can find diverse project ideas and learn practical skills for their own DIY endeavors. 

16. Timothy Uhler / Awesome Framers  

Location: Washington State, USA  

Social Channels: 560,000+ across Instagram and YouTube  

Specialty: Framing and Carpentry 

Why Follow: Timothy, part of Awesome Framers, focuses on framing and carpentry projects. His "Framer Series" dives deep into framing techniques and has become a go-to resource for those looking to enhance their framing skills. Timothy's videos often feature time-lapse footage of intricate framing projects, capturing the artistry of the trade. Followers can expect to learn advanced framing techniques and gain insights into the craftsmanship of framing.

17. Michael Builds  

Location: Michigan, USA  

Social Channels: 380,000 on YouTube and Instagram 

Specialty: DIY Projects and Home Improvement  

Why Follow: Michael Builds shares a variety of DIY projects and home improvement content. His "DIY Basics" series provides fundamental skills for beginners. Followers can find inspiration for projects of varying complexity, from simple fixes to more advanced builds. 

18. Nick Schiffer / NS Builders 

Location: Massachusetts, USA  

Social Channels: 270,000+ on Instagram and YouTube 

Specialty: High-End Custom Homebuilding and Remodeling  

Why Follow: Nick specializes in high-end custom building and remodeling. Followers can get a glimpse into the world of luxury home construction and learn about the meticulous details that go into upscale building and remodeling projects with his “Behind the Build” series.  

19. Sarah Listi / Tool Girls Garage 

Location: Texas, USA 

Social Channels: 218,000+ across Instagram and Facebook  

Specialty: Tools: Garage Organization, and DIY Projects 

Why Follow: Sarah Listi of Tool Girls Garage offers engaging content on tools, garage organization, and various DIY projects. Her "Tool Talk" series, where she reviews and discusses various tools, is particularly popular. Followers can discover new tools, learn organization tips, and get inspired for their own projects. If you’re looking to enhance your workshop in terms of tools or design, add Tool Girls Garage to your watch list.  

20. Seb Clovis

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada 

Social Channels35,000+ on Instagram 

Specialty: Tools: Home Renovation and Design  

Why FollowSebastian specializes in home renovation and design. Followers can explore innovative renovation ideas and design inspirations for transforming living spaces. His recent HGTV (Canada) and Hulu (USA) show, Gut Job, features Seb guiding homeowners through the biggest renovations of their lives.