Contractor Spotlight:

Tim Land, Land Exteriors

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


Tim Land has been in the construction and renovation business for more than 28 years.

He’s the sole proprietor of a firm called Land Exteriors, based in the Fort Wayne, Indiana, area, and specializes in renovations and new construction of farm structures, barns, and garages. He frequently uses Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard for his projects, particularly for garage renovations. 

Q: How long have you worked with Trusscore products? 

A: For more than five years, now. 

Q: And why Trusscore? What is it about the product you like? 

A: It’s so easy to work with, particularly when you compare it to drywall. And I really enjoy the wow factor from the customer at the end of a project. You can take somebody's beat-up garage and transform it into brand new condition so quickly. 

Q: What other features about our product do your customers like? 

A: Well, there's no question that [Wall&CeilingBoard] takes the wear and tear very well. And once you install it, you can do things like put a vehicle in your garage, spray it off and you know you’re not going to bother the walls because the water just runs off. You can power wash equipment and again, the spray isn’t going to hurt the walls. 

Q: Compare Wall&CeilingBoard to working with drywall. What are the major differences? 

A: With Trusscore, you go from zero to hero within a day. I mean, people just can't believe how awesome it is and how quickly it changes a space. You can transform somebody's garage or barn to a brand-new condition in a few hours. There's no making two or three trips back and forth for drywall patching and painting. There's minimal cleanup. 

Q: Is there a particular installation you’ve worked on that stands out for you? 

A: Well, right before Christmas. We had a client that had a 15-year-old house with a three-car garage. And they’d had a problem over the years because they couldn’t get the paint to stick to the drywall, so it just looked terrible. They were having a party that night. We went in there and did the entire wall and ceiling in a day and they were shocked at the end, at how good it looked. I mean, it was beautiful. 

Q: People are familiar with drywall. What’s the process like getting them to switch to Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard? 

A: It's an easy sell, actually. I take a piece of Wall&CeilingBoard with me and I show them how the trims and everything work with it, and all the transition pieces, and it pretty much sells itself. The clients that I work with, they want the wow factor instantly, which I can deliver with Trusscore.