10 Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

When you live in a small home with limited storage space, figuring out where to put all your stuff can be a frustrating experience. Before you start throwing things away, consider this list of creative storage ideas for small spaces to ensure everything has its place: 

1. Opt for Furniture with Built-In or Hidden Storage

Buying multifunctional furniture like storage ottomans, bed frames with drawers, and headboards with built-in bookshelves can help you add storage space without compromising on style. With a storage ottoman, you can tuck all the gadgets and necessities you like to keep nearby out of sight in your living room, while a storage bed can be home to clothing, shoes, or accessories that don’t fit in your closet. 

2. Take the “TV” Out of Your TV Stand

A TV stand or an entertainment center can be a waste of space in your living room if all it does is act as a place for your TV to sit. To free up extra space on top of the stand for décor, books, or other knickknacks that showcase your style or personality, consider mounting your TV on the wall above it.  

3. Organize Vertically

In a small home, only using your walls to hang photos, mirrors, and paintings is a big storage mistake many people make. Whether it’s a home office, a kitchen pantry, or a walk-in closet, installing an on-the-wall storage system like slatwall or pegboard is one of the easiest ways to create storage opportunities in a space that would otherwise go unused. With a product like Trusscore SlatWall, you also have the flexibility to turn as much — or as little — of your wall into storage space. The 8-foot-long, interlocking panels can be installed as a track, section, half wall, or full wall and can be instantly accessorized using snap-in baskets, shelves, and hooks. The panels can also hold up to 75 pounds per square foot, so you can store heavier items without worry. 

4. Get More Out of Your Doors

In the same spirit of organizing vertically, behind-the-door storage is another way to make the most out of your available vertical space. With over-the-door caddies, shoe racks, and hooks or hangers, you can store items that would otherwise clutter up your rooms. 

5. Add Appliance Hooks to Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets

In your kitchen and bathroom, the back of cabinet doors can double as storage space, too. Consider attaching appliance hooks to the back of the cabinets to hang up kitchen utensils, hair care accessories, and more. 

6. Say Goodbye to Bulky Plastic Hangers

Thick and bulky plastic hangers can eat up more space in your closet than you realize. Try swapping them out for slim metal hangers instead – you’ll be surprised at how many extra inches of space you’ll get back. 

7. Buy More Baskets

Buying more things to store away may seem counterintuitive to maximizing your space, but baskets are an organizer’s best friend. You can easily tuck away all your items that don’t have a designated home and, once the baskets are filled, slide them under beds, hide them away in closets or cubbies, or even style them on shelves. If you’re keeping baskets out in the open, try to find ones that work with your room’s décor style, so they blend in and don’t take up too much visual space. 

8. Invest in Toe Kick Drawers

If you’re renovating your kitchen, toe kick drawers may be a worthwhile investment. Kitchen cabinets usually have several inches of space between the bottom of the cabinet and the floor, which is more than enough space to store cutting boards, cookie sheets, serving platters, and more. While it’s easier to have toe-kick drawers added when your cabinets are being custom made, some prefabricated options will have the drawers built in, too. 

9. Double Your Cabinet Space with Hanging Shelves

Stacking items in your cupboard often leaves you with a lot of free, unused storage real estate between the top of your items and the bottom of the shelf. With hanging shelves, you can fill your cupboards to the brim without having to stack everything on top of each other. It’s a practical way to keep things neat and organized while also sparing you from playing an expensive game of Jenga every time you have to grab an item you need.  

10. Use Your Fridge to Free Up Kitchen Cabinet Space

If you consider yourself a decent cook, there’s a high likelihood that you have a spice rack or basket taking up room in your cupboards, in your pantry, or on your counter. To free up the space and always keep your spices accessible, consider turning your fridge into a magnetic spice storage. Using small, flat tins with lids, all you have to do is attach magnets to the bottom, and you can arrange them on your refrigerator. Just don’t forget to label the tins before you add your spices! 

And voila! Little by little, each of these storage ideas and hacks will add up to a whole lot of extra space in your home. Looking for specific storage tips for other areas in and around your home? Check out our helpful tips for maximizing storage space in your garage and in your basement, too. 

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