Home Organization

Getting your home organized with Trusscore SlatWall

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

The quest for home organization is never-ending.

“Stuff” seems to accumulate faster than we can cope. And everyone knows the consequences of poor organization: items go missing, time gets wasted looking for things, and of course a messy home has an impact on our state of mind. It’s far easier to love your castle when it’s vibe doesn’t conjure images of a parking lot dumpster. 

Particularly now that many people are working out of their houses, there’s a newfound impetus and need to get clutter under control. It’s difficult to concentrate on work knowing chaos lurks on the other side of your laptop screen. It’s harder still with a dirty sock covering the laptop camera. 

Many of us use the new year as a spur to get our “stuff” corralled once and for all and get the year off to a make-life-better start. 

Where to Begin? 

The key to home organization, I’ve found, is having a designated place in each room to put things, and tailoring those solutions to the frequency with which items need to be accessed. In other words, the solution for an item you use every day should be different than for one which you require once a year. 

But where to find space in an already-crowded house for storage? 

An often-overlooked solution and at-hand resource involves your home’s walls – transforming them into storage solutions. 

Trusscore SlatWall was designed with that aim in mind. SlatWall turns your walls into what amounts to smart-looking storage depots, providing a place to install strong, purpose-built wire hooks, baskets, and shelves that capture clutter, get it out of the way and teach it a proper lesson. Consider: every room in your home has more than one wall, meaning every room potentially has its own ready-made storage solution. 

SlatWall combines with Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard for a complete wall organization system. It’s a strong, easy to install, easy to clean, and cost-effective way to generate a space-saving solution in each room, particularly suited to a home’s utility areas – so, think closet wall storage, pantry storage organization, basement storage, craft room wall storage, mudroom storage, and laundry room storage. 

Wall Organizers With Hooks

Once it’s installed, Trusscore SlatWall can receive a nearly unlimited number of accessories such as hooks, baskets and shelves. The accessories snap to the wall with little effort. There’s no drilling, no wall plugs, and as storage needs change, the accessories can be moved or rearranged. There are no holes to fill or walls to be sanded and repainted. 

Wall Organizers With Baskets

Trusscore SlatWall can handle plenty of weight, too – supporting up to 75 pounds of weight per square foot. 

So, imagine your pantry lined with Trusscore SlatWall and outfitted with shelves from floor to ceiling. Or your mudroom fitted with hooks for coats, and designated baskets for your children’s scarves, mitts, and hats. Or a craft room with easy-to-access places for paper, scissors, crayons, and the like. 

Wall Shelving Systems

And the bright, white finish of Trusscore SlatWall lends a clean, crisp look that gives any room that organized feel. 

Home organizing can be daunting. It somehow always seems like our stuff has the upper hand. 

But there are ways to fight back. Putting your walls to work is one of them.