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Transform a dog's kennel into a castle

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Trusscore is the perfect solution for your dog’s next kennel — it’s bright, sturdy, easy to clean, and installs with ease. 

Sturdy, Easy to Clean PVC Walls for Dog Kennels

Everyone wants the best for their pup, and that certainly would be true when it comes to their pup’s kennel. But what makes a good kennel? What features should it have? 

Well, several key things come to mind:  

  1. It needs to be sturdy. 
  2. It needs to be easy to clean. 
  3. It needs to provide a pleasant, calming environment for your pet. 

Logical enough. So, then, how to satisfy all three requirements? 

Turns out that Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard and NorLock do all that and more. 

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is an ideal interior wall covering suitable for a single-unit dog kennel or for the exterior walls of a larger, multi-unit kennel. It’s made from smooth, non-porous PVC and has an interior truss design that creates a strong, long-lasting, impact-resistant panel, one that is light in weight, yet able to stand up to everything your puppy dishes out. 

Wall&CeilingBoard is quick-and-easy to install, requires no special tools, and creates a clean, calming, interior finish available in white or gray. Your puppy will approve. 

NorLock by Trusscore is a standalone divider panel for use as an interior wall or partition for larger, multi-animal kennels. It has the same interior truss design as Wall&CeilingBoard, meaning it’s designed for superior strength, is low maintenance, and stands up to repeated impact. 

And for pet owners, a Trusscore-equipped PVC kennel makes cleaning a snap. Simply add soap or bleach, turn on the hose or power washer, and blast away. Trusscore products shed water and, unlike FRP (or fiberglass reinforced panels), won’t expand or swell when they get wet, and won’t support mold or mildew growth. A damp cloth removes scuffs and marks and Trusscore products can’t be harmed by chemicals and harsh cleaners. 

Waterproof Kennel Walls

Trusscore has a long history of making products for people who look after animals, so it’s no surprise that Wall&CeilingBoard and NorLock are an ideal choice for dog kennels. Trusscore products have been used by farmers for large-animal containment purposes for decades due to their strength, ease of installation, and superior performance. 

Stands to reason that human’s best friend should have human’s best waterproof kennel wall liner. When renovating or building a new kennel, cue Trusscore, for long-lasting, easy-to-clean performance.