Customer Story:
Pebbles Country Market Buffet

Commercial kitchen renovations with Trusscore

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Go with what you know. Go with what works.

When Cameron Gerber, owner of Pebbles Family Buffet and restaurant in Durham, Ontario, decided to open and renovate the commercial kitchen space of a second location, in Mount Forest, Ontario, he turned to the same kitchen wall panel option he had used for the first – Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard


 “It works well and does the job we need,” he says.

The Ideal Commercial Kitchen Wall Board

Pebbles in Durham is a successful 280-seat, family-run facility with a 3,000 square foot kitchen. Gerber decided on a complete renovation in May of 2019. His contractor, Imagine in Drayton, Ontario, knew Trusscore’s line and suggested it as the ideal kitchen wall covering option for his restaurant needs.

“We’d looked at [another] product, but it was very hard to put on and the price was very prohibitive,” Gerber says.

Trusscore, on the other hand, went on quickly, was readily available, was more competitively priced – and the change was transformative. 

“Actually, the Health Department was quite impressed,” says Gerber. “They had seen our old kitchen. They walked into our new and the change was vast.” 

Gerber had decided to install Trusscore in the kitchen, the prep area, the bakery and the dishwashing area. The changes not only looked good, but the inherent properties of Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard makes it the perfect wall material for commercial kitchens – easy to install, bright finish, simple to clean, impervious to moisture and resistant to most chemicals – all came to bear, which helped his staff to keep the kitchen functioning smoothing and allow them, in turn, to make great food and make customers happy.

“It's white, so it looks very clean and fresh,” says Gerber. “It’s easy to light. It's also easy to see if it's dirty, and then it's super easy to clean.” 

The Second Renovation

The positive experience at Pebbles Family Buffet meant that when it came time early this fall to renovate a much larger kitchen at Pebbles Pantry in Mount Forest, Gerber once again turned to Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard for waterproof kitchen wall panels. The project wrapped up in late October and, just like his first project, the second is drawing rave reviews. 

“We have had multiple people through our kitchen that know restaurants, have seen restaurants, and we have received many comments that it’s the nicest kitchen they've ever seen.” 

Besides looking good and delivering the utility that he needs for his businesses, Gerber says that his Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is handling the heavy-duty, day-to-day demands of running two busy facilities.

“It holds up well to regular restaurant use. We like it. We haven't had an issue.” he says. 

And if it came time to outfit yet a third kitchen down the road, would he turn to Trusscore? 

“Yes. Definitely.” 

Go with what you know. The sure bet is bound to pay.