Choosing the Perfect Palette:
A Guide to Laundry Room Colors for Homeowners 

Friday, November 24, 2023

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Welcome to the heart of your home — the laundry room. Often overlooked, this multifunctional space deserves attention when it comes to color choices.

Beyond the nuts and bolts of washers and dryers, the colors you choose for this space can significantly impact your daily experience. In this blog post, we'll break down the art and science of choosing the perfect colors for your laundry room, making it a haven of functionality and style. 


7 Considerations to Make Before Choosing Laundry Room Colors 

Choosing the right color for your laundry room involves several considerations. Here are some factors to keep in mind: 

  1. Lighting. Consider the amount of natural and artificial light in the room. Lighter colors tend to make a space feel larger and brighter, while darker colors can create a cozy atmosphere. 
  2. Size of the Room. Lighter colors can make a small room appear larger, while darker colors can make a large room feel more intimate. In smaller laundry rooms, opt for lighter tones like whites, soft grays, or beige to create an illusion of openness. Larger spaces can benefit from darker hues such as navy or charcoal, adding a touch of coziness and preventing the room from feeling cavernous. 
  3. Functionality. Since a laundry room is a functional space, think about the practicality of the color. Stains and spills are more visible on lighter colors, so you might want to choose a color that can hide dirt to some extent. 
  4. Personal Preferences. Consider your personal style and preferences. Do you want a calm and neutral space, or are you looking to add some vibrant colors to make the room more interesting? 
  5. Appliances and Fixtures. If your laundry room has appliances or fixtures with specific colors, consider coordinating the wall color with these elements for a cohesive look. 
  6. Complementing Colors. Consider the colors in adjacent rooms. You may want to choose a color that complements the rest of your home's color scheme for a harmonious flow. 
  7. Maintenance. Consider the ease of maintenance. Matte finishes can hide imperfections but may be harder to clean, while glossy finishes are easier to clean but may show more flaws. 

Remember that personal preference plays a significant role, so choose a color that makes you feel comfortable and happy in the space. 

Popular Laundry Room Paint Colors to Consider for Your Space 

After you’ve assessed your laundry room and have factored in its size, the available lighting, and the functionality of your space, it’s time for the hard part — choosing the best color (or colors!) for your space. If you feel strongly about a color and are open to ideas, consider these options for your laundry room.

One-Size-Fits-All Color Options for Your Laundry Room

Most homeowners will only choose one wall color to cover the entire laundry room. If that’s your plan, pick one option from this list of popular colors thinking about what you want the color to achieve. 

 Neutral Tones 

    • White: Clean and timeless, white can make a small space feel larger and brighter. It also provides a versatile backdrop for other colors or accents. 
    • Gray: A neutral gray can add sophistication and works well with various accent colors. It can also hide dirt and stains better than pure white. 

     Soft Blues or Greens 

      • Light Blue: Creates a calm and serene atmosphere. Blue is associated with water and cleanliness, making it a popular choice for laundry rooms. 
      • Mint Green: Adds a refreshing and cheerful vibe to the space. 

       Earth Tones

        • Taupe or Beige: These warm neutrals can provide a cozy and inviting feel without being too dark.
        • Olive or Sage Green: Earthy greens can bring a touch of nature into the room.

         Pastel Colors

          • Soft Yellow: Adds warmth and energy to the room.
          • Blush Pink: A subtle and trendy option for a softer look. 

          Classic Color Combinations to Create a Timeless Laundry Room Design 

          If you’re interested in painting your laundry room walls two colors, using classic color combinations like those listed below can help ensure your laundry room looks stylish for years to come. Here are ten timeless options: 

          1. White and Soft Gray. A classic combination that exudes cleanliness and simplicity. White walls with soft gray accents or vice versa can create a timeless and elegant look. 
          2. Beige and Cream. Neutral tones like beige and cream are timeless and versatile. They create a warm and inviting atmosphere without being too bold. 
          3. Navy Blue and Crisp White. Navy blue paired with crisp white is a timeless nautical-inspired combination. It's both sophisticated and fresh, providing a clean and timeless look. 
          4. Soft Green and Ivory. Soft green tones, reminiscent of nature, combined with ivory or off-white create a calming environment. 
          5. Gray and White. A monochromatic gray and white palette is chic and enduring. It allows for flexibility in accent colors through decor and accessories. 
          6. Taupe and Cream. Taupe is a warm neutral that pairs well with cream for a subtle and sophisticated look. 
          7. Classic Black and White. Black and white never goes out of style. It's versatile and can be adapted to various design styles. 
          8. Soft Blue and White. Soft blue hues, reminiscent of the sky, paired with white create a fresh and timeless look. This combination is calming and enduring. 
          9. Charcoal Gray and Beige. Charcoal gray provides depth, while beige adds warmth for a combination that’s both classic and contemporary. 
          10. Ivory and Gold. Ivory walls with gold accents create a luxurious aesthetic. Gold adds a touch of sophistication and warmth to the space. 

          Complementary Laundry Room Paint Color Combinations for a Unique Design

          If you would describe your interior design style as vibrant, playful, or colorful, you should consider opting for complementary colors for your laundry room. 

          Complementary colors are pairs of colors that, when combined, create a high contrast and visually vibrant look. These colors are opposite each other on the color wheel, and their combination can be visually striking. When used in interior design, complementary color schemes can create a dynamic and energetic atmosphere. While these combos won’t be loved by everyone, you may find one you personally like — and that’s what counts, right? 

          Here are ten complementing color combinations for your laundry room:  

          1. Blue and Orange. Blue and orange are complementary colors that create a lively and energetic contrast. Consider using navy blue with pops of orange accents or vice versa. 
          2. Green and Red. Move over Christmas — green and red are classic complementary colors. Consider using a soft green with red accents for a balanced and visually appealing look. 
          3. Purple and Yellow. Purple and yellow create a vibrant and playful combination. Consider using a muted purple with pops of yellow for a more subtle approach. 
          4. Teal and Coral. Teal and coral are a trendy and dynamic pair. Teal provides a calming base, while coral adds warmth and energy. 
          5. Pink and Green. Pink and green create a fresh and lively combination. Consider using a soft pink with accents of green for a feminine and nature-inspired look. 
          6. Turquoise and Orange. Turquoise and orange create a bold and modern combination. Turquoise provides a cool base, while orange adds warmth and vibrancy. 
          7. Yellow-Green and Red-Purple. This combination involves selecting a yellow-green and a red-purple from the color wheel. It creates a balanced and visually appealing contrast. 
          8. Mint and Coral: Mint green and coral provide a refreshing and harmonious combination. This pair is both trendy and timeless. 
          9. Blue-Green and Red-Orange. Selecting a blue-green and a red-orange creates a balanced and visually striking combination. It adds a sense of drama and energy to the space. 
          10. Lavender and Yellow. Lavender and yellow create a soft and charming combination. It's a delicate and visually pleasing pairing. 

           When using complementary colors, it's often a good idea to use one color as the dominant hue and the other as an accent to avoid overwhelming the space. Consider incorporating complementary colors through accent walls, furniture, decor, or accessories to achieve a balanced and visually appealing laundry room. 


          5 Laundry Room Painting Tips for the DIYer 

          After you decide on a color, it’s time to tackle the painting process. Painting your laundry room can be a rewarding and cost-effective DIY project. Here are five tips to help you achieve a successful and professional-looking paint job: 

          1. Color Testing. Always test your chosen colors in the actual space to account for lighting variations. Observe how the colors change throughout the day to ensure a consistent appearance. 
          2. Clean and Repair Walls. Clean the walls to remove any dirt, dried laundry detergent, or dust. This ensures that the paint adheres properly. Fill any holes or cracks with spackle, and sand the walls smooth once the spackle is dry. 
          3. Choose the Right Finish. Consider the function of the laundry room when choosing the paint finish. For easy cleaning, a semi-gloss or satin finish is often recommended. 
          4. Prime the Walls. If the walls are in poor condition or if you're making a significant color change, it's advisable to prime the walls before painting. This helps the paint adhere better and provides a more even finish. 
          5. Work from Top to Bottom. Start painting at the top of the walls and work your way down. This helps catch any drips or splatters as you go. 

          By following these tips, you can enhance the quality and efficiency of your DIY painting project, ensuring a professional-looking finish in your laundry room.

          Painting Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard Panels in Your Laundry Room 

          Are you embarking on a full laundry room renovation and installing moisture resistant Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard panels instead of drywall? Good news! You can paint our panels, too.

          Recommended Paints 

          There are a lot of paints and primers designed for use with PVC, but we recommend using paints that are 100% acrylic latex or acrylic latex with urethane additive. Where possible, we also recommend using primer and paint combined paints or self-priming paints.    

          Here are some paints that are suitable for your project and are readily available: 

          Brand Paint Recommendation
          Sherwin-Williams®  Emerald® Exterior Acrylic Latex Paint or Duration® Exterior Acrylic Latex 
          Behr®  Exterior Paint and Primer 
          PPG®  ACRI-SHIELD® MAX Exterior Latex 
          Valspar®  Duramax® Exterior Paint & Primer 
          Benjamin Moore®  Regal® Select Exterior Paint or Regal® Select Exterior High Build Paint 
          Glidden® Premium Exterior Latex 
          BeautiTone™  Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex Stick It Primer Sealer and one of the following: Exterior Acrylic Latex Semi-Gloss Paint or Exterior Acrylic Latex Flat Paint 

          Surface Preparation

          To make sure paint adheres to the panel, you need to make sure your Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard surface is clean, dry, free of dirt and any other surface contaminants before applying paint.

          You can apply the paint per the manufacturer’s recommendations. We don’t recommend sanding Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard prior to applying primer or paint.

          Choosing the perfect palette for your laundry room is a comprehensive journey that combines aesthetics with functionality. From the size of the room to the nuances of natural light, every detail contributes to the overall ambiance. Consider popular colors, trending combinations, and the practical aspects of maintenance. Let your personal style shine through, creating a laundry room that not only serves its purpose but elevates your daily routine. Experiment, express, and embrace the transformative power of color in the heart of your home. Happy painting!