7 Power Tool Organization Ideas for Your Garage or Workshop 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Are your power tools causing chaos and clutter in your garage or workshop? Don't let disorganization hold you or your space back. With these seven power tool organization and storage ideas, you can say goodbye to tangled cords and endless searching and hello to a clean, functional, and efficient workspace. 

Why is Power Tool Organization Important in a Garage or Workshop? 

In addition to clearing clutter and creating a clean workspace, power tool organization can also help you:

Save space

If your workshop or garage is on the smaller side, organizing your power tools can help you free up valuable workspace and prevent clutter. This is especially true for on-the-wall storage systems, which allow you to maximize vertical space and keep your tools off the floor or your workbench.

See what tools you have at a glance

When your tools are neatly organized (especially on the wall!), you can easily see what you have without wasting time rifling through messy drawers or toolboxes. This makes it easier to take inventory of your tools and ensure you have the right ones for the job.

Easily access tools when you need them

Power tool organization also helps you work more efficiently when you’re looking for items you didn’t know you needed for a project ahead of time. When everything has its place, you won’t waste time searching through drawers or wondering where the tool you need could be – you’ll already know.

Protect your tools from damage

When tools are haphazardly stored in drawers or piled in a toolbox, they can get scratched, dented, or tangled. By organizing your tools, you can ensure each tool has its own space, which can protect it from damage and prolong its lifespan.

Improve workspace safety

Loose tools lying around can create tripping hazards, especially in busy workspaces, and disorganized drawers and toolboxes can result in cuts or scrapes when you’re rummaging for what you need. Keeping your tools organized and off the floor reduces the chances of these types of accidents.

Add visual appeal to your workspace or garage

A clean and organized workspace or garage also looks good. If you spend a lot of time in there working on projects, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and more at home when you’re not surrounded by clutter. 

On-the-Wall Power Tool Organization and Storage Ideas

If you have a lot of free wall space in your garage or workshop, you can maximize the storage space available by installing vertical systems. 

Wall-Mounted Tool Racks  

Wall-mounted tool racks are one of the most popular options for power tool storage systems because they’re available at most hardware stores and are affordable. Standard racks can be drilled into drywall or plywood and feature slots, hooks, and holders to support various types of tools, including screwdrivers, drills, handsaws, and more. Special tool racks that are compatible with pegboard and slatwall systems are also available. 

Magnetic Tool Strips  

Similarly, magnetic tool strips are an accessible and affordable system that can be fastened to any wall in your space. Unlike typical tool racks, tool strips have a high-strength magnet that you can snap metal tools onto – think screwdrivers, pliers, scissors, and gardening tools. While this system is limited in the types of tools it can hold, it’s easier to use than tool racks as you simply have to pull a tool off the wall, and there are no slots or hooks that it can get caught on. 

Slatwall System 

A slatwall system like Trusscore SlatWall is the ultimate on-the-wall organization and storage system for your garage or workshop (and it integrates with Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard for a seamless floor-to-ceiling finish!). 

The 8’ long panels can be installed as a track, section, half wall, or full wall, so you can configure your Trusscore SlatWall setup in any way that works for your unique space. The high-strength panels can hold up to 75 pounds per square foot, allowing heavy tools to be stored on the wall safely. 

Trusscore SlatWall can be accessorized with snap-in accessories like hooks, baskets, and shelves. Since the slatwall panels have a non-proprietary design, you aren’t locked in to using our accessories — our panels are compatible with any standard 3” slatwall accessory you find, including from brands like Econoco, Uline, HandiSOLUTIONS, and MasterCraft. 

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Cabinet and Workstation Power Tool Storage Ideas 

If converting your walls into storage space isn’t an option for you, there are still multiple ways to bring organization to your garage or workshop. 

Customizable Tool Cabinets  

Tool cabinets, also known as tool chests or toolboxes, are a staple in garages and workshops because they’re designed specifically with organizing and storing tools in mind. Tool cabinets are typically constructed from sturdy materials like metal or heavy-duty plastic, making them more durable than wooden cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about scraping or damaging them. 

Depending on the manufacturer, tool cabinets come with adjustable or removable drawer dividers, allowing you to create custom-sized compartments so you can organize tools of different sizes and shapes effectively. Others are modular and allow you to mix and match different units or components for a fully customized storage solution. Plus, you can choose between stationary and rolling cabinets, which is especially helpful if you want to move your cabinets around your space with you from time to time. 

Portable Tool Caddies  

If you’re in and out of your workspace often and need to bring tools with you, a portable tool caddy is one way to keep things organized. Caddies are equipped with a handle and have separate sections for tools, fasteners, and other items you may rely on often, like drill bits and screw anchors. 

Drawer Dividers 

Not all tool cabinets are created equal, and while some may have built-in drawer dividers, others won’t. If your cabinets don’t have dividers, you can buy your own and add them yourself. Dividers help you sort tools by type and screws by size and can be switched around as your storage needs change. They can also be totally removed from your cabinet, which is helpful if you need constant access to an item while working on a project. 

Drawer dividers are typically available online, at hardware stores, or in any retail space that offers a home organization section. Dividers can be switched around when your storage needs change. 

Labeling and Color Coding 

When organizing your space, you may rely a lot on bins and containers, which can obscure what tools are stored inside. If so, labeling and color-coding bins is an organizational lifesaver.  

Clearly labeling what’s stored inside can help you eliminate guesswork when searching for specific items or tools. Meanwhile, color coding adds an extra layer of visual organization, making it easier to scan and find what you’re looking for. We recommend color coding to categorize items by type, project, or even frequency of use. For example, you can assign specific colors to different tool categories, automotive maintenance supplies, gardening equipment, and more. 

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