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Start planning your next project with innovative wall and ceiling panels that stand the test of time.

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Transform your space with DIY friendly, pre-finished wall and ceiling panels that will last a lifetime.

We work with thousands of retailers across North America who are helping us transform residential construction. For exact pricing for your project, we’ll connect you with a retailer near you. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of cost per square foot to help you start budgeting.

Upgrade your walls and ceilings with bright, durable panels for a long-lasting, beautiful aesthetic 

Starting at

$3.25 / sq ft

A premium replacement for drywall:

  • Installs 4x faster than drywall
  • Strong & durable
  • Lightweight & easy to install
  • Moisture & water resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • 100% recyclable
  • Available in white and gray

Clear the clutter and add instant wall organization to maximize your space 

Starting at 

$6.75 / sq ft

Everything Wall&CeilingBoard offers, plus: 

  • Endless organization possibilities
  • Works with any standard 3” accessories
  • 75 lbs per squre foot of storage
Wall&CeilingBoard & SlatWall 

Combine both products for a smart design that’s functional for any space 

Starting at

$4.15 / sq ft

The best of both walls. Everything Wall&CeilingBoard and SlatWall offers, plus: 

  • Integrates seamlessly
  • Sleek, clean look of complimentary horizontal slats and wall and ceiling panels

*Combined cost is estimated based on 400 ft² comprised of 75% Wall&CeilingBoard and 25% SlatWall.

Worth the investment? 

While the material cost per square foot may be more upfront than conventional products like drywall, Trusscore products offer many benefits that will pay off in the long run. 

Have a commercial or agriculture project, or need pricing on other Trusscore products? We’re here to help. 

Get in touch with one of our team members who can help you estimate pricing for your project. 

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More Than Just Material Cost

Now that you know the average cost per square foot, take a moment to consider the total cost of ownership of the materials for your project and the associated benefits that will save you money in the long run. Whether you’re building new or renovating, carefully consider investing in the right building materials that will pay off.


What materials will you be using for your project? Don’t forget to include the cost of all the hardware, trim, paint, and supplies needed to complete the installation.


Whether you’re a savvy DIYer or a professional, one thing remains the same--time is money. Depending on the speed and ease of install, you could shave days off a project.

Maintenance & Care 

Now your project is complete, but don’t forget about maintenance costs. Fresh paint, cleanability, wear and tear repairs, or even water damage of less durable alternatives leaves you with an added cost.

Durability & Lifespan
Durability & Lifespan

Consider the product benefits that impact how long the material is expected to last and how that varies in different environments. If materials need to be replaced more often, you’ll have another round of materials and labor costs to factor in.

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard vs. Drywall

Wall&CeilingBoard is extremely lightweight and far more user-friendly than drywall  no taping, mudding, sanding, or painting required. Most jobs can be completed in one day leaving you with a bright, water-resistant, abuse-resistant, low-maintenance wall. 

Downfalls of Drywall

  • Takes 4x longer to install... and messy! 
  • 40% heavier 
  • Ordinary use leads to wear and tear 
  • Prone to water damage 

Learn More About Wall&CeilingBoard vs. Drywall


See for Yourself


Get your hands on a sample of Trusccore product to feel the durability yourself and see first-hand how the clean, bright design will make a statement for your next project. 

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