Trusscore’s products are the ideal solution for healthcare facilities, offering easy sanitation and a bright white finish to improve interior appearance and lighting.

An ideal replacement for conventional healthcare wall systems, Trusscore’s interlocking panel systems offer a lifetime of savings over other wall systems like painted drywall or fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) panels.

Perfect for any environment where hygiene, corrosion or long term durability are issues, Trusscore’s panel systems typically last the life of the facility.


Superior Antibacterial Performance

Trusscore’s lineup of liner panels offers a chemical resistant and sanitary alternative to conventional systems.

Easy-To-Clean Watertight Design

Easily power wash with soap and water or bleach for easy sanitation and a bright, clean appearance that repels & drains water easily without holding moisture in the panels. Perfect for facilities that must be cleaned frequently.

Cost Effective

With a finished cost that’s comparable to other construction materials, while never needing replacing, repainting, or refinishing, Trusscore’s sanitary wall & ceiling panel systems ensure a lifetime of savings.

Products For Healthcare

Find the right Trusscore product for your healthcare project.


TempWall by Trusscore is a hospital grade, temporary modular wall system that is quick and easy to install, re-configure, and remove. It’s a fast and flexible solution to create temporary spaces.

TempWall in a temporary COVID clinic
TempWall in a temporary COVID clinic

NorLock for Healthcare

NorLock by Trusscore divider planks are a versatile and cost-effective healthcare building solution, uniquely designed for superior strength and durability, requiring no secondary reinforcement.

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